The Science Behind Our Process

brainAreasNeurofeedback is a subset of Biofeedback, with the focus on the central nervous system. At Hudson Valley Center for Neurofeedback, we begin our process with a qualitative electroencephalogram (qEEG) which measures the electrical activity of the brain. This activity (i.e. brainwaves) are converted into mathematical equivalents which are then compared to a normative database. Using this information, we are able to analyze and determine if the electrical patterns of brain activity are significantly different from the norm. We then work to train these patterns to approach the average range, resulting in positive reinforcement either in the form of visual or auditory information.

Like learning how to ride a bicycle, our brain is in charge of creating new pathways to allow our bodies to perform this complicated activity. However, this happens all below the level of our consciousness, much like neurofeedback. Like the brain navigating through our neural activity to develop new pathways for riding a bicycle, NFT gives our brains an avenue to create more efficient pathways to help our brains and bodies be more relaxed, effective, and productive.

HVCNF offers neurofeedback therapy to people in our Poughkeepsie, NY offices.